Monday, February 23, 2015

cross country skiing and allergy adventures

long ago and far away [high school] i was diagnosed with cold urticaria.  believe me when i say, DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE THAT SHIT.  basically, i break out in hives if its too cold.  fortunately, multiple allergy pills [every goddamn day] help quell the breakouts and allow me to survive in maine.  polar vortex, record snowfall, and all.  buuuuuuut a friend came to town and we went cross country skiing.  an outdoor pasttime i had been interested in for awhile, but had just never tried.  we ventured out on a gorgeously sunny, clear, 10 degree day, and with windchill it was probably well below that. 

halfway through the day [we skiied and i fell on very small hills for about 4 hours], i got incredibly sniffly, congested, and started sneezing violently.  to the point where we were looking at a map and i nearly sneezed myself off balance.  i flailed, we laughed, and i sneezed some more.  whatever.  probably just getting the restaurant sickness that's going around.
more glorious maine winter vistas, more sneezing, more falling.
well eventually, both of us got a little peckish, and by this time i was sneezing about every 5 minutes, to the point of almost tearing up.  so obviously, ice cream, and cheese were in order.  mind you, the trails are on the smiling hill farm, which is an active dairy.  and fresh coffee and strawberry [two separate flavors] ice cream are amazing.
after i got home and defrosted my ass, i kept sneezing, my nose running constantly, and my voice started to go hoarse.  naturally, i called my doctor father to complain.  he went into a lengthy description of how hives affect the blood vessels, which results in hives.  in my nose however, this constriction results in severe congestion and sneezing my goddamn brains out.

long story short, i am allergic to the cold.  in my nose.  with the breathing.  fack.

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