Saturday, July 26, 2014

real furniture. like an adult

look!  i have an actual bed!  instead of mattresses on the floor!  like.. im 21.  it only took me more than an entire calendar year and it doesnt exactly match anything else, but who's counting!
of course with the frame, the bed is inches bigger than before... so i had to move the dresser and my hanging clothes rack upstairs.  that leaves my repainted dresser and jewelry extravaganza in my room, and a "dressing room" of sorts at the top of the stairs.  not ideal, but no other options.

see how neat and tidy it look?  and it stayed that way for about 45 seconds.

my mom and i perused the bedderrest store after picking out my bed frame, and managed to find her some plausible [and very expensive handmade/made in maine] beside tables, the ideal dimensions and color for her and my dad's room in deer isle.  delivery would be... not possible.  i digress.  i happened to see a $100 twin mattress, and thus, my porch daybed was finally complete!  the perfect place to have an after-work beverage and a book
the other half of my porch however, is even more crowded than this now.  those boxes you see?  those are for my bathroom remodel!  coming, in august 2014!!!  unless ummm i have another [worse] basement plumbing emergency like i did last weekend.  then i might just burn it all down and cry.

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