Monday, July 7, 2014

afuera de mi casa

if you ignore that little strip of blue in the dormer and the sad sack shutters i still have yet to remove... my house looks pretty damn cute.  and the all the green stuff around it is doing surprisingly well.  to the left of the porch, the forsythia expands every year with a vengeance, and was only about a month late this year due to crappy crap weather.  to the right is apparently named fairy queen, and has delicate looking wispy branches that flower all of a sudden.  when the wind blows, little petal tornadoes abound.  the bush furthest to the right is a type of flowering quince that only flowered after i hacked about half of it away last summer.  it filled in quite nicely but is again threatening to climb right in my kitchen windows and will be tackled shortly.

i built this bed while i was doing the garden last  year and figured i'd plant bulbs in it and it would be forever gorgeous and done.  weeeell the bulbs i planted turned out to be tropical ones that you dig up come the first frost.  i didnt.. and they rotted.  but the wildflower seed i'd also planted turned out to be half perennial and half annual, so flowers abound!  at the end of the season last year the garden center had perennial sales and i dumped 2 peonies and 2 silvermound unceremoniously into the dirt and then hoped theyd survive the winter.  i expanded the bed quite a bit to allow for some transplanted shasta daisies and sundrops.  eventually i plan to put a path of some kind in, but i can only dig up so much grass at one time.  there just arent many places to dump it when im done.
succulents and some mint in matching pots, purple columbine, blue bachelor buttons, and a peony bud!
two hosta i bought at the garden center and a third donated to the cause by a coworker
aaand a couple weeks later, more flowers - siberian wallflower, karl rosenfield peony, sundrop, columbine, campanula

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