Monday, October 28, 2013

the last of the garden

sleepy bees on my flowers
autumn is officially here.  the trees have been changing and ... since i took these pics a few days ago we had our first frost.  gack.  

i dont actually have trees in my yard.  bushes, a rotting stump thing, some neighbor's overhanging trees, and now a garden.  but no legit trees.
 zinnias and flowering basil
yeeehup one of my tomatoes made a mad dash for freedom and broke off the support stake.  next year i may have to suck it up and buy actual tomato cages.  the steel kind.  so pricey though..
my flower bed.  hopefully readying itself for next spring
unceremoniously ripped out chard remains
and a weirdly cut tree between me and my new neighbors.  sadly the master gardener and her husband moved out during the summer.  ive yet to meet the new neighbors, but the husband gets up about an hour earlier than i do, and i awake at 530 to the sound of his motorcycle tooling down the road.

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