Sunday, October 27, 2013

not cutting a rug. painting a rug.

this is called... my paints have different viscosity levels and capillary action goes craaaazy.  no really.  its some legit chemical gradual mixing process... but i just cant remember the name.  and its not really osmosis.  but its pretty cool.
so i bought a rug.  it turns out solid color non-fancy rugs at the home depot are very affordable.  not incredibly chic, and definitely off-gassing something horrific, but cheap.  i had seen this tutorial, and figured a $10 rug might be wasted.  but it also might turn out to be $10 worth of awesome.  i also had some stencils from a waylaid wall-art idea.  and always tons of paint.

i followed the instructions and vacuumed the shite out of the rug.  then watered down my paint and using spouncers [best word ever] spounced that paint right on.
and then i mistakenly decided some the artsy fleur-de-lis-es needed some squares alongside. 
it turned out... ok. 

yes the paint is a little crunchy.  yes i vacuum it borderline obessive.  and yes it is softening a bit.  no i dont completely regret it and yes, i will take marginally positive compliments on it.  that is all.

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