Saturday, October 26, 2013

sun time

i love sunsets.  maine we only see "fake" sets since its the east coast and all.  but gorgeous nonetheless.  lately though, ive been seeing some amazing sunrises.  and yes.  sunrise is freakishly early.  every day.  and i see them all.  cos i dont get to sleep past 6am any more.  sigh.  work.  but driving over the fore river every morning, i get to see the sun rise over portland.  unless its crappy weather.  ...then its just dark as fuck.
 but i dont get any pics cos im driving.  so heres another sunset.
but here's a sunrise.  out the front window of my house.  [completely opposite direction]  not as spectacular as downtown portland silhouetted against the water, but safest pic i can get.

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