Friday, September 19, 2014

up against the wall motherfuckers

citation [sorry not sorry it's wikipedia..]
so day 4 of my lovely home reno project... my buddy questioned where i wanted the shower head and plumbing located.  seeing as i had confirmed time frame [multiple times], work scope, plans i'd drawn up both on paper and drafting software [in person and via email], walked through the potential layout [over lunch], and showed him all the components i'd bought... i was pretty pissed when he said, oh i didn't know you wanted that there.  i guess were ripping out this wall too, since we need 6" for a wet wall and the existing studs are only 4". 

another day gone.  and mind you, i only had the weekend and 4 days off of work to *hopefully* get most of this done in.  naively i believed "yea buddy, thats more than enough time".  well yes, if your contractor friend shows up moderately early [not 11am] every day not incredibly high... but i digress.  i guess you only get so much for $1000.
the original pink fiberglass insulation had all but sunk to the bottom of the bays and i replaced it with foam board, spray foamed in place in the not really recommended cut and cobble method.  but it cant be worse than it was before.
oh look, new studs
all fitted out with new studs and strapping, ready for drywall, and glorious new subfloor.
in case you were wondering how "maine" this project was... yes.  that is a truck parked in my yard with a ladder in the bed.  functional, not fancy.  also, i did some serious yard work about 2 weeks later, and it looks damn good now.

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