Friday, September 12, 2014

a wall full of secrets

and by secrets, i do mean razors. 
and no i didn't cut my finger on the razors.  more like i black-swan-ed a giant hangnail and it bled everywhere.

see that nook in the left side where the crappy crap crap medicine cabinet used to be?  weeell at some point someone dumped about 200 straight razors behind/under it where they happily stayed until it was time to rip down the lathe.  also, it was decided the plaster behind the sad acoustical ceiling tiles should come down. 
90+ years of god knows what came raining down on us [mostly the guys... i hid in the kitchen] along with old maps of maine, vintage ads for shoes and ham, ... a terrifying [they all are] clown,

but look.  the board he's holding behind his back?  it has a giant friggin nail in it.  like hahhahahha surprise!  no water squirting out of these flowers i have, YOURE BLEEDING FROM A HOLE IN YOUR HEAD BECAUSE I'M A CLOWN.  fuuuuuuuuh

also, probably the best thing ever. 
a misspelled kissing license.

and one more gruesome picture taken while we were letting the literal dust settle

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