Wednesday, September 10, 2014

bathrom demo

ok so it's been a month since i managed to post "the bathroom demo is starting!" pics.  here are some more demolition pics.  cos the bathroom STILL ISNT DONE YET and it may be driving me more than a bit crazy insane batshit nutso.
turns out the tiniest crappiest vanity ever ... fell apart as we were removing it.  the sink was barely caulked to the wall and the sides fell away once we removed the sink.  the trap underneath was made of some kind of chrome coated plastic which merrily cracked into pieces.  but the fitting i added to the cold intake line held just dandy.

the loverly pink tile turned out to be some weird modular metal tiles stuck into a paperboard composite layer, on top of a salmon faux brick patterned plaster, over the actual plaster, over lathe. 
needless to say we didn't finish demo the first day.
but we did break for snacks and i got this pic.  only the quiet beginnings of my clean freak panic atacks.  but can i just say.. look how friggin big the bathroom looks without the tub!
all swept and tidy and..ready for day 2
the rest of the magically not delicious layer cake waiting to be violently removed
the disaster sneaking out into the hallway

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