Tuesday, April 22, 2014

liz's laundry

springtime in maine!  finally..  apparently that means i wear a lot of pastels and slightly seasonally inappropriate bare legs.  and of course only on the windiest days of my entire life.  a slave to fashion.  sigh.
  • weirdly hi/low skirt: asos [from the sis]
  • chambray shirt: old navy
  • tshirt: target
  • necklace: ny&co
  • pants: bass outlet
  • tank: h&m
  • top and shoes: target
  • sweater: gap [thrifted]
  • necklace: some street fair in ny
  • sweater: ny&co
  • dress: h&m [thrifted]
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • necklace: american eagle [waaaay back in the day]
  • belt: unknown
  • sweater: target
  • scarves: uniqlo and some little shop in portland
  • tank: h&m
  • cropped pants that looked good with knee-high boots: uniqlo
  • put a bird on it: bass outlet
  • dress: asos [from the sister] with sleeves chopped mostly off
  • tights: target
  • sweater: ann taylor [thrifted]
  • dress: thrifted
  • earrings: some little shop in portland
  • shoes [not pictured] - worn with navy heels and teal flipflops cos i have matchy matchy disorder. 

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