Tuesday, April 1, 2014

learning google sketchup

as a former engineer i know how to use autoCAD, powerCAD [the apple version], and microstation [the cheapo student version].  since i am... not an engineer currently i don't have access to any of these programs and am not paying for a license.  i know i can use a free version of autoCAD, but mnehh.  i didn't really like it when i had to use it.

being highly adaptive.. ..i googled "free cad programs" and happened upon this mini review of the top 5 free CAD packages on the interwebs.  being a sucker for pretty much anything google and free, i downloaded google sketchup and proceeded to watch the intro tutorials.  hours and hours later on a saturday night i drew up a preliminary 3d sketch of my bathroom remodel.  unfortunately in 3D it turns out ... thaaaats a shitton of furniture [?] in a very small room. 

my bathroom is 6'x6' and i am not willing to expand into my already very small bedroom or very small kitchen.  so tonight after work instead cooking, i modified some stuff and added a smaller counter and above-the-door storage.  and voila!
space is still a bit tight, but its as good as its going to get.  also, it turns out a 72" bathroom vanity/counter biznass is about $1400, top and sink not included, while a 36" counter is only $500.  yessss.

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