Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sins part 2: sloth, gluttony, and extreme wrath

nothing quite says fall in maine like pea-soup-thick fog.  no kitty feet though.  sigh.  but sweatpants and soup.  mmm lazy.

as to gluttony... well glow bracelets are always a sign of a good time.  coupled with good friends, neon colors, too many viet homemade snacks, music, adult beverages, and our own private restaurant space for the night... you get the picture.
and lastly the most deadly of all the sins.  wrath.  extreme im-going-to-pull-this-car-over-and-rip-it-apart-with-my-bare-hands-and-throw-pieces-at-safelite type wrath.  screaming at no one in particular while driving down the interstate to failed-brunch-plans.  ranting to myself the entire 30 minute drive home and not answering any calls for fear of forever alienating friends.  trying to remain calm at the poor girl answering safelite's "help line" on sundays even though they dont work and she cant actually do anything but tell me to call back 8am monday.

readers digest version: i finally fixed the crack in my windshield.  ie bought a new one for $350 cos it wasnt covered by insurance.  a week later the "right column a cover" flew off and the foam insulating bit under starting flapping against the side of my car.  once i recovered from the sheer terror, unstoppable rage set in.  it is entirely covered by my new windshield warranty and the repair guy assured me the seal for both my windshield and driver's side window will not leak if it rains in the next week while they order and install the part.

a friggin week.



  1. I hope the rest of your week will turn out great, Liz!

  2. thanks! its already improving. the weather has been gorgeous and work has been flying by!

    and thank you for your nice comments about my outfits. idk where the actual comments went - theyre not in the post and they havent gone to spam.. i got the email that you commented and then they were gone!


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