Friday, October 26, 2012

pumpkinhead spice cake

made for a coworker's birthday.  we joke that he turned 60.  grumbly old man.  but in reality ...he's probably mid 40s?  maybe?  he has a 5 year old daughter but that really means he could be anywhere from 20 to 80.  soooo yea.  but pumpkinhead cake. 


and spicy.  aside from the usual cloves, cinnamon, and ginger, i added just a tidbit of chipotle powder.  and you can juuuuuust taste a hint of it.  best idea ever.

and frankly, the frosting didnt look that good when i stuffed the cake in my overflowing fridge last night.  i couldnt wait for the cake layers to fully cool cos it was already after 11 and i was it got a little melty on the sides.  fortunately the butter ratio was such that i could scoop the excess frosting up off the cake carrier this morning and smoosh it back onto the sides.  and no one was the wiser.  but now you know.  ...


  1. Umm, did you say chipotle?! I bow to your culinary genius... And bravery. ;) I never would've tried it on my own, but now I just might. Maybe in a carrot cake!

  2. chipotle! yup! it added a tiny twinge that helped cut the sweetness, but not so much that it tasted like burning. an 1/8 teas [give or take a few shakes] in a carrot cake would be quite delectable!


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