Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tuna noodle fixarole

while trying to find a recipe including both ricotta and pasta, i came across this recipe. i have never heard of food services of america, but feel as though they try really hard. unfortunately, i like the idea of the recipe...but not the exact ingredients or directions. plus they forgot to list how much milk is required to mix in with the ricotta.

after retyping the recipe in my usual format i added the bread crumbs and baking step, and guessed on pan size. [actually used 8x11] if the point of the bread crumbs was to stay crispy, they were a rousing success. if the point was to not be boring... they failed miserably.

but all in all it was pretty tasty. a little too much pasta for the sauce and i should have mixed it better... but it was decent for a randomass experiment.

i also made noodle kugel which was...lacking. i cut out the raisins as i despise grapes in any form but white wine. little did i know, the raisins add necessary sugar and some flavor even once you pick out their squishy offending beetle-like blobs. oh well.

i also made crinkley molasses cookies with candied ginger chunks. as stated many times before I CAN NOT BAKE FOR SHIT. i wasnt paying attention and im 95% sure added an extra cup of sugar. 3 instead of 2... granted the cookies are rolled in sugar before baking so i hoped the entire batch would be salvageable. especially as i had made a double batch. aside from the crumbliest most awkward cookie ball rolling process ever... and the fact that i forgot a timer on the last batch and they burned horridly, the cookies turned out pretty damn decently. although not as good as mom makes... damnit.

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