Monday, March 29, 2010

getting ready to garden!

a new attempt at starting seeds indoors! this year i forwent the "self-watering" seed trays as...they pretty much just molded before. burpee in a moment of genius decided 72 seedling pockets were too much for one tray and split them into two. both were then labeled with sides A, B, C, D with a corresponding sheet that you can label by hand. no more little tabs that keep the lid from closing and get smushed down to the point of complete illegibility! unfortunately, they still use the "magically expanding" pellets of compressed annoyance that sometimes, even if you make very carefully obsessively sure are sitting flat in their pocket, still expand sideways and get compacted harder than concrete. but i digress

heres a sampling of what i planted. the tins below contain all varieties of herbs, including 3 types of basil, oregano, lavender, and i think 4 more of something.

frank helped by smashing himself in uncomfortable places and yowling.

my first daffodil about to open!

oh the forsythia. so temporarily beautiful and yet so highly allergy prone. and the whole growing like a demented weed gets to be annoying. offshoots of a bush should not pop out into the yard 2 feet away. seriously.

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