Monday, March 29, 2010

sewing creations

you cant see so well from the picture, but there are pleats all around the top to avoid so much fabric bunchiness but still have a full bottom. i really like the fabric, but its almost in the mail to a friend. i say almost cos its in a box waiting to get mailed. but im lazy.

this fabric is called "in the garden". it looks like the creepiest fucking garden ever. but it makes for an interesting skirt. i made this one before the previous and only did the pleating in the front. it is a bit odd and takes some adjusting before the back stops poofing out.. but what can you really expect from a 20 minute skirt made up off the top of my head. i mean cmon.

i had finished this skirt ages ago. or so i thought. except i tried smocking/ruching the top and it basically fell off all the time. so whilst engrossed in yet another episode of NCIS [is that like CSI? only if youre dyslexic], i ripped out all the elastic threads and rolled the top over into a simple seam.

the fold over top skirt is the easiest thing to wear. and make actually. no elastic, no bunching, no zippers, no nothin. so obviously i had to do something to make it overly difficult. like add contrast panels! but i think it turned out surprisingly well especially as i bought both fabrics out of the remnant bin at joanns..and then decided they matched.

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