Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sewing and some refashions

  • fabric: fluffy stretch knit
  • pattern: simplicity/new look S0446 
  • look: d [plus sleeve and waist ribbing]
  • thoughts: def shorter than i thought, hence the ribbing
look at them fancy armscyes!  all angular and stuff.  and the pattern calls for 1 1/4 yards minimum... i managed to eke it out with a poorly cut yard.  i think the fabric was a remnant i bought years ago cos its fluffy on one side and not itchy on the other.  it makes an excellent cropped sweatshirt for the lack of spring this year.  also, all that remains from that yard are the scraps on the floor
  • fabric: slightly shiny midweight rayon knit i found in my squirrel stash upstairs
  • pattern: the casual lady
  • look: view a
  • thoughts: good fit and super easy pattern..and i realllllly need a double needle for hems.
  • fabric: super old cotton knit also from the squirrel stash
  • pattern: simplicity/new look S0712
  • view: b with cropped sleeves
  • thoughts: way too much ease ..everywhere.  looks halfway decent belted, but i may be taking in the sides significantly.  also, the back gathers sit a bit low
this is a thrifted refashion.  i cut off the skirt part an inch or so longer than i wanted, and then opened up the skirt to add some additional panels from the bodice of the dress.  that sentence doesnt really make sense, but i can't seem to reword it more clearly.  the fabric looks pretty damn close to denim, so i wore it to work with my taco shirt and got a few compliments.  after i took the pictures i actually sewed the gathered layer down so its marginally less fluffy and more just gathered.  iiit sort of helped.
aand lastly, i thought id taken a before picture of this dress, but i searched the computer to no avail.  its about 4 sizes too big and was around awkward midi/calf length before i hacked away at it.  now its more of a super short summer swing dress that its way too cold to wear yet.  yesterday was 40 and pissing down rain like the apocalypse, while today it was about 55 and rainy, then sunny, then cloudy, then partly cloudy.. then dark.  yay.


  1. You're so handy! I wish I could sew. Alas, I cannot...and I don't really need more crafty projects to abandon midway, lol!

    1. thanks! it's a pretty fun hobby but i tend to neglect my sewing machine for months at a time ..all the while buying more fabric. knitting may be a slightly less expensive craft!


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