Tuesday, April 7, 2015

completed sewing and a quick refash

to finish start my reupholstery project, i of course had to go to the fabric store.  then i found the knits section and went a little nuts.  but i actually used the fabric i bought instead of hording it away like a little squirrel prepping for the fabricpocalypse.  also $3 patterns.  yesssss.
  • fabric: heavy ponte knit
  • pattern: simplicity/new look S0446 - apparently doesnt exist anymore
  • view: c
  • thoughts: very small neck hole, baaarely dress length, good fit across shoulders/back
unfortunately you cant see the painstakingly angled sleeve armscyes here.  they were a bitch.  and they look goooood.  i ended up cutting off the collar after the first pic and widening it a few inches.  now the dress/tunic can actually fit over my head without getting stuck in my ginormous hairs, and it doesnt strangle me.  i have a thing about high necklines.  like a choking panicking crazed thing.  i think its called a feeling.  also, not sure why i look like a suspicious little elf in the last pic.

  • fabric: super slippery jersey knit
  • pattern: simplicity/new look S0712 - also must be old
  • view: front b, back d, sans sleeves
  • thoughts: tolerable neck hole, good fit at armscyes, only a tunic if its not windy
i like the faux a-line look of the bottom, but id like it to be a little more flared like the jorna.  the neck hole [i need a less graphic term here..] and armscyes matched up surprisingly well seeing as i cobbled different pieces together, and the hem was close enough even though b is a high-low top and d is regular.  the next one i sew will be longer, but even on the pattern the model clearly is trying to avoid thinking about her crotch showing by looking "sultry".  or something.
  • fabric: light jersey knit
  • pattern: butterick/see & sew B6118
  • view: b with 3/4 sleeves
  • thoughts: good overall fit, not too drapey cowl neck, definitely a shirt
this was my last project of the night and the sleeves were more than a little fiddly.  turns out i skipped the step about making a slight gather in the top of the sleeve via the stay-stitching.  its not called stay-stitching then.. but basting so you can gather stuff.  whatevs.  i made a very small pleat in the top of each sleeve, and it fits with the flowy hippie thing.  but um.. i wont be wearing this with leggings.  definitely a shirt, not a tunic.

my last pattern to use is a faux wrap dress.  it uses a bit more than the 2 yards of each fabric that i bought, but my fabric squirreling tendencies [as noted above] allow that i have atleast 5 other knits in my sewing room waiting to be unearthed.

a last quickie sewing... i got suckered into pbs' downton abbey sales and bought a couple shirts and a canvas bag with bells printed on it.  the shirts were like $5 and the women's sizes were sold out, so what is a girl to do?  buy men's larges and hack away.  the "heir today" is sold out now, but there is a similar "receding heir line" available.  also, i bought a "free bates" shirt which has been cut into a muscle tee of sorts.  i may or may not wear it around the house... often. 


  1. I love the first fabric! And you're so productive!

    1. thanks! i get going on a tear, and spend all day [and part of the night] being crafty!


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