Thursday, January 22, 2015

liz's laundry

  • cardigan: target
  • skirt: pre-elastic-ed/sequined fabric i sewed into a tube
  • scarf: h&m
  • dress: forever 21
  • cardigan: gap
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • bracelets: h&m
  • borderline not uniform but really black on the bottom: but... it matches my hair?
  • cardigan: target
  • crazy cat lady dress: gap
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • belt: h&m
  • worn with: dark brown boots and a sense of irony
  • giant sweatshirt: h&m
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • socks: sierra trading post
  • scarf: bass outlet
  • sunglasses: target
  • frumpy look: 9am saturday staff meeting at the restaurant

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