Wednesday, April 24, 2013

step into my office..

behold.  the library.  ignore the unfinished trim there on the left.  and disregard the man behind the curtain.  it is now complete!
just in case you needed a refresher - on the left: first walk-through of the house.  on the right: post carpet removal/painful [mums] floor scraping/expensive messy sanding/priming and paint
*edited* i figured out my right and left.  the above sentences are correct now.

and an inbetween shot.  my mom spent... 8 hours scraping the foam crap off the floor.  developed some kind of tingly probably carpel tunnel... aaand i ended up getting the floor refinished anyway cos we ran out of idea after mineral spirits, goo gone, dry ice [dont believe the hype], and pure rage.
moral of the story: dont put carpet down on really nice hardwood floors.  srsly.
well traveled ikea bookshelves [the cabinet doors are hiding my collection of engineering books.  they serve as bookshelf anchor weights..]
my desk with cork boards nailed up, bathrobe cos for once in the past year its not 80 in my dwelling, and facebook ripe for the surfing.


  1. Such a great improvement Liz!!! And how awesome is your mom!

    1. thanks! sitting in the room [right now!] i'm still amazed at how much just painting the walls did, not to mention the pain and suffering my mom put into scraping the floor. she was definitely dedicated to the cause!


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