Sunday, April 28, 2013

sonp 2013!

aka the summer of no pants!  hosted by marigold of hideous! dreadful! stinky!  it *ahem* apparently happened last year, but i missed it.  basically its a dress and skirt sew fest starting in may and lasting all summer!  pics and links and blogs and google+ [which i'm still trying to freaking figure out..] and then you eschew pants [which i generally do] and wear and post all the lovely things youve made during may!

some ideas that ive pinned and will attempt this starting ... oh gawd.  next week.

*edit.  i rechecked the date for SONP.  end of may.  thank god.*

we'll see.  skirts and i def have a better history of fit and finish... but i really do need to figure out this whole muslin technique that may actually result in something correctly fitting my shoulders. 

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