Friday, July 9, 2010

latest [kind of lame] sewing

pac sun/roxy dress i bought online 2 years ago for <$10. i wore it once..and it is both unflattering in the midsection and way too long. now being the atypical asian i am 5'5" [standing up straight] and close to average height. unless the dress is supposed to drag 3" on the ground or is only meant for freakishly tall people. ie not me. so instead of donating it to goodwill or the likes, i what do bad dress + rotary blade + sewing machine = ?

check out marisa's blog for my inspiration...

mini dress [4" above the knee..nothing slutty] that is still..mildly unflattering! yay effort.. but i will be sending it to a certain someone who has been fruitlessly summer-dress-shopping. and it will look much better on her. or at her local goodwill. cos theres nothing like expanding the carbon footprint by a cross-country mailing.

floofy hippie skirt! elastic waistband for ease of creation instead of that whole zipper thing. this whole endeavor took about... half an hour.

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