Saturday, December 26, 2009

jet blue

since i have earned the nickname "last minute liz" more than once in my life, it seems fitting that the sis and i flew to florida for the holidays... at 8pm xmas eve. fortunately, we didn't fly delta.

we flew jet blue! err jetted rather. after miraculously making the ronkonkoma train [thanks to the secretary's incredible driving skills] we caught the air train and got to the new T5 no problem. once there, check-in and security were a breeze [amazingly] and we wandered into the airport muji for some pre-flight ....pen buying.

then it was time for wholefoods-esque buffet food

leah's meal

  • mac & cheese
  • fried rice
  • chicken wing
  • pasta salad 1
  • pasta salad 2
  • corn salad
  • hard boiled egg

my meal
  • raw spinach i hoped would wilt a tad
  • honey bbq ribs
  • mac & cheese
and some live xmas jazz music. which i got a really bad picture of on my phone. mostly i was too busy cramming down food. mmmm ribs for the second day in a row.

at the gate we found they had desk terminals where you could both plug in your laptop and order coffee, alcohol, and snacks without actually talking to anyone. eeeeexellent.

a preview of florida pics:

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