Tuesday, December 1, 2009

foggy turkey day

i am thankful for thick pile area rugs and the force of gravity only being 9.81 when grammie fell. it could have been much much worse.

i however am not thankful for having participated in the preparation of creamed onions. i abhor onions. with a firey passion. well not actually. just the semi crunchy-smushy texture that activates my gag reflex.

pearl onions

trimmed pearl onions

foggy morning

mmmm food [note the green bean casserole! amazing as always]

my first round of food. complete with hard cider, water glass, and empty glass waiting for some white wine

before the festivities ensued however, we attempted a family picture. after several attempts on a different camera, i remembered why we dont let the old ones use technology without a quick lesson. but fake smiles and without the top of my head, here we are: the sis and grammie

  • dress: saks off 5th ave [faux two piece dress-ruffly black bottom]
  • black long sleeve: gap
  • leggings: somewhere in nz

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