Wednesday, June 10, 2015

technology versus liz

soooo it has been over a month since i posted.  in that time, i have added a third [sort of] job to my life, in that i am now a prep cook at the restaurant where i wait tables.  i did a month of 50+ hour weeks at el restaurante, with some construction hours at the office were remodeling for the solar company.  now that i have 2 days off during the week, i feel lazy as shit. 

so there's one reason for posting.  tired + lazy = netflix.

another is.. i'm losing the battle to the technology around me.  my car needed another $1k in repairs, my 5+ year old computer is slowly approaching the permacrash, and my barely-over-a-year-old phone crashed during a software update, lost all my pictures, and verizon sent me a new one with the understanding that i'd return my mostly useless continuously crashing and restarting phone.  the new one was free to me, but pics from all 6 months of 2015 are gonzo.  things id posted are all still on fb and the ig, but there were pics i hadn't posted that clearly i needed for... no purpose whatsoever.  regardless, gone forever into the over indulgent ether of selfies and blatant over-documentation of daily life.  also cats.  and food.  goddamnit.

plus side, i was working too much in the past month to really have lost any pictures of good stuff and happenings.

a week after, i decided to buy a kindle fire hd 7, since it was on sale at the same price as the hd6 - $99.  i wanted something not apple white or dell black, so citron it is!  ... and then i figured id pay the $14 to not have sponsored ad screensavers.  welp what the site didnt tell me is that once i clicked that modification, it was out of stock, so the cart automatically reverted me to the hd6 in citron with no screensavers...for the same price.  i purchased it, and went on my merry way.  until i saw the confirmation email, called amazon customer support [surprisingly helpful] who said, "no, it's working fine on my end, i'll purchase it for you."  me "you're sure it didnt change it back to the 6"?"  support "nope, it looks fine.  oh wait.  no, youre right.  ..hmmm" 

so now i have to return a kindle.

pictures of sewing and gardening and flowers and shit will have to wait for another day.  or month. 


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