Sunday, March 1, 2015

a 5 minute fix for a year long issue [lots of rants herein]

i'm not going to get into bra politics and normative image portrayal or any of the feminist reasoning behind not wearing bras.  i hear you.  i admit ive bought into the ideal that i should wear a bra so my boobies look "right".  i know "the man" has beaten me into submission, and the media has warped my sense of what is normal.  i also know this - i buy cheap bras.  a $12 bra from target does baaasically the exact same thing a $60 bra from victoria's secret does.  just without the angel "fashion" [sexual exploitation] show and all that shite. 


i suffer from constant-bra-strap-falling syndrome.  it plagues ladies you know, and ladies you dont.  and maybe even some cross dressing gentlemen you dont know.  but i finally have bested it.  not with the weird bra strap converters you can buy at h&m or old navy.  those are a nice idea but generally... not very functional.  and not with the straight-jacket-esque racer-back hooks already built-into my bras.  the straps are just not friggin long enough and i feel like my bra is about to put me in a stranglehold from behind.  but with the power of scissors and sewing! 

no, i just like the alliteration.  the "holy shit that implement for thread ripping out is sharp as shit and now im bleeding" name that i refer to these items as, is a bit cumbersome.  but i picked out the stitches holding down my bra straps at the back, and moved each side about 3/4" toward the hooks.
a quick sewy sew and a lot of back stitching later, and voila!  bra straps that stay on my shoulders all day. 
and yes, i didn't change the thread color.  i have "nude" [wtf color is that really] bras, green, blue, and turquoise bras.  but theyre all fixed now in white thread.  cos really if youre investigating if the thread color of my bra is consistent all the way through, you probably have some serious other issues to contend with. 

just make sure you havent twisted the bra strap when you reattach it.  its harder to pick out your own slightly non-uniform stitches and backstitches than it is factory [slave sweatshop] stitching. 

guhh.  lots of rants about all the anger.

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