Saturday, November 30, 2013

frank interlude

let's play this week's round of "i work too much and all i do otherwise is take pics of satancat!" 

sometimes things look better upside down.

 i switched out my summer clothes for winter.  since its maine, its now dark and 25 degrees at 4pm.  i even moved some furniture around and made my walk-in-closet-with-a-bed [aka bedroom] more spacious.  frank appreciated it by doing an impression of a meatloaf.
my mom and sister have gone to iowa for a week to see my grandma.  i have two extra cars in my driveway and a small suitcase in my living room to show for it.  frank of course thought it was for napping on
and lastly, i came home for lunch one day.  the demons had completely taken over.  [just like supernatural, you can tell by the eyes]

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