Monday, October 19, 2009

squirrel pie and a work outfit

actually apple pie. but lattices are too much fucking work. cookie cutters work just as well.

squirrely closeup

plus then you can make cinnamon sugar pie crust numnums.

  • sweater: erge [ideeli sale]
  • black dress: american apparel
  • black tank top: kenneth cole
  • tights: macys
  • shoes: chinese laundry [dsw]

frankly, the sweater was quite frikkin odd. cowl-neck back with a not hood type collar thing. very comfy though, made entirely of bamboo cotton. ill probably sew the collar into a hood for more practical wear. all day the collar kept falling off since it didnt really have any shape... and obviously i couldnt zip it up all the way over my face or as a huge turtleneck as the cowl back then looked like i had fallen through a barbed wire fence. not so great look in fact.

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