Sunday, February 10, 2013

zucchini curly fries

because i ask for weird things on my amazon wish list, i got a vege spiralizer from my sis for my birthday.  also due to the very small storage ability of my kitchen...things tend to get placed in my living room/coat closet and lie dormant for some time.  but behold.  zucchini!  spiralized! 
ribbon cut and roasted with parm and oregano

we were having random confessional [half]hour at lunch the other day, and the topic of being unable to replicate restaurant/takeout soups, salads, and sandwiches came up.  lately ive discovered anything made with ciabatta and hummus is pretty much stellar.  so as a light dinner, i had a reheated ciabatta with plain hummus, chicken breast [lunch meat..], swiss, and roasted zucchini ribbons.  ah-maz-ing.

then it was time to use my other baby zuccs
i replaced the ribbon slicer with the curly fry slicer and voila - zucchini curly fries!  now i unfortunately am not the proud owner of a deep fryer, so some olive oil spray and the oven had to make due.  i also attempted a pinterest idea of soaking [sweet] potato slices in salt water and then baking for supposed crisped perfection.  eeeeh.  not too bad.
i ended up roasting the sweet potatoes for 10 minutes at 450, and then letting them slow bake at 250 for another 30 minutes.  crispy, not too burned, and... boring.  the zucchini fries however, i snarfed down without managing a picture of their every so slightly scorched amazing.


  1. if it werent raining on top of the blizzard dump... i would go to the grocery and track down some more zucchinis!